What does the medusa tattoo mean

medusa tattoo

From time immemorial, a tattoo was a sign of distinction or protection against evil spirits. Drawings were believed to act as a talisman. The ancients believed in the power of good luck amulets, created certain images on the body, which saved in war or in a dangerous journey. Of course, the meaning of the Medusa tattoo was very complex. After all, this creature lived in many seas and oceans. Read more

Select A New Tattoo With Ease

More and more girls from across the world get tattoos on diverse body parts for lots of different reasons – they are willing to create the desired image, get a piece of artwork on their body, save their memories, etc.

Tattoos are real art, so it’s not surprising millions of girls become interested in such extraordinary way to beautify their body. Girly skull tattoos with flowers are really trendy nowadays; such an impressive artwork can’t leave anyone indifferent gaining in popularity day by day.


Skull with snake, roses, crown, fire – these are only a few variations girls consider when willing to get a skull tattoo. Skull embodies fearlessness and power, so it’s often chosen by forceful, strong-minded, charismatic people who don’t care what others think. Getting a skull tattoo, girls interpret it differently – it may be an acceptance of their own mortality, rebellion, embodiment of the life after death, power, representation of good and evil, etc.

The place on the body you are willing to get tattooed also has its meaning. Such a way, a skull tattooed on forearm, one of the most popular places to get tattoo on, means that you are a strong and powerful person who’s not afraid of what other people may think. Skull on the back side of the neck means you’re not afraid to make brave choices, while a tattoo behind the ear represents freedom and openness.


Most girls usually give preference to girly skull tattoos with flowers when it comes to getting a new tattoo. Such artwork is not only really eye-catching and impressive, but also has a deep meaning and is usually made by people who are willing to express themselves. Skull with flowers is often tattooed on the back, chest, thigh or arms.

The meaning of skull tattoo is varied and depends of the flowers the girl chooses and overall composition. Here are some of the options to give preference to:

  • skull with flower crown usually means power, strength, beauty and wealth;
  • skull with roses – one of the most impressive and extraordinary artworks to get tattooed, such tattoo usually means the battle between good and evil as well as may also embody love;
  • skull with peonies is a really sticking choice which may embody the celebration of life, overcoming difficulties and a reminder to live the life to the fullest.

Such an impressive artwork will not only draw attention and beautify your body, but also show your personality and reveal your creative thinking. Read more