French manicure has gained in popularity with beauties from all across the world due to its simplicity and, at the same time, ability to make any look complete. Nevertheless, such kind of manicure is no longer the trendiest one – it has been replaced with a similar, but way more stylish French manicure with pink tips. Pink tips have replaced white ones making it possible for ladies to create a more fabulous look and always be in style.

Diversity Of Pink Shades: Find The Matching One

There are lots of diverse pink shades, so you’ll be able to easily choose the one you like the most and enjoy your manicure for the weeks. Pink hue embodies love and happiness, so it will definitely delight an eye and make you feel comfortable wearing it. Such a gentle manicure emphasizes beauty of your hands making fingers look longer due to the brighter tips.

French manicure with pink tips matches almost every outfit. Pastel, light and almost unnoticeable pink shade is just perfect for wearing at work as well as is suitable for everyday life, while manicure with vibrant pink tips, glitter or any other nail art will make it possible for you to style it at any event and look just fantastic in any situation.

All The Widespread Variations

French manicure makes the nails look really well-groomed, so it’s not surprising most women give preference to such nail design. French manicure with pink tips will make it possible for you to easily create the desired look, so consider diverse variations of such nail design:

  1. Nail design with multicolored tips – you can apply any color you want to in order to make the tips more eye-catching and make your manicure extraordinary.
  2. Ombre manicure – this gentle and feminine variation is definitely worthy of your attention.
  3. Two-toned design is also one of the most widespread variations nowadays – you just have to select two similar hues and apply the darker shade on the tips.
  4. V-Shaped manicure – try such manicure in order to create a chic, fashionable look. Double French nail design – this type is liked by ladies throughout the globe due to its creativity and uniqueness.
  5. Reverse manicure – just switch sides and make your nails look even more unordinary applying the classic white shade at the bottom of your nail.
  6. Glitter nail design – this is one of the most striking and extraordinary ways to change the classic French nail design which will not leave you indifferent.

Pink shade matches perfectly with other colors letting you create any look you are willing to. It hides all the nails flaws making them look well-groomed and healthy.