medusa tattoo

From time immemorial, a tattoo was a sign of distinction or protection against evil spirits. Drawings were believed to act as a talisman. The ancients believed in the power of good luck amulets, created certain images on the body, which saved in war or in a dangerous journey. Of course, the meaning of the Medusa tattoo was very complex. After all, this creature lived in many seas and oceans.

From the history of the tattoo.

The tattoo probably appeared in its original form about 60 centuries ago. Archaeologists and anthropologists have long ago discovered various patterns on the body of mummies and dated them to the IV millennium BC.

Such “tattooing” existed mainly in South and North America, but also in Asia, Oceania, Australia and Europe.

On each continent the development of tattoos took place independently of each other.

Of particular importance, of course, were drawings against unclean spirits. In tribes tattoos were applied to children from 11 years old so the symbol would protect them in adulthood. But the technique of tattooing of that time was very painful and often led to death.

The Indians had a special stick made of shark teeth and a hammer, with which soot was hammered into the skin.

Who is suitable for such tattoo

Modern masters can come up with exclusive sketches and professionally score a tattoo. The specialist will help to choose, will create a drawing based on preferences, on a certain theme.

Tattoos are primarily symbols that mean something. Therefore, however, you should think before you score for example a swastika or a demon on his leg. Many people do not pay attention to this, but the tattoo is considered an art, automatically attracts attention.

Such a drawing protects against external influences, creating peace of mind. Tattoo is suitable for calm, sensible people who live near the sea, the ocean. But it can soften the temper of the rebel, restraining him.

medusa tattoo

Meaning of the tattoo in men and girls 

Medusa – the inhabitant of the sea, as a sign of harmony, contemplation, grace, carries in itself a constant movement. Its symbolism “plunges into itself”, into the inner world.

The beautiful girl became a lover at the whim of Poseidon, who lay with her in the temple of Athens. For this the Goddess punished the poor woman and her sisters. She turned them into creatures with snakes on their heads, endowing them with monstrous strength. Whoever looks into the eyes of the Gorgon will turn to stone.

In semantic architecture, the image on the body represents a terrifying, dangerous, frightening feeling. It is a sign of guile, cunning. The Medusa Gorgon tattoo must convey these feelings graphically. In the male case, nakolki more often go with a predominance of dark shades.

Styles, plot, choice and development of the sketch

In the art of artistic tattooing of different peoples the honorable place is occupied by the Tribble. It is popular now, and originated in Polynesia (New Zealand), with the Maori, also in America North and South. In the olden days in Europe, there were more traditional patterns in the North. All of them belonged to the category of tribal. The style is laconic, simple in form.

Old skool is old school. This style was created to please fashion. The creation of induction tattoo machines reduced its popularity, because they make flat contours, not “breaks”.

In addition, known styles such as:

  • thrash polka;
  • Japanese oriental;
  • watercolor;
  • minimalism.

The first caught on the eyes beautiful art can be unsuitable for the nature of the person. It is necessary to determine for what purposes is chosen tattoo. If to attract attention, that’s one thing, but more often it is a symbol of the inner “I” of the future owner. It happens that, after thinking about it, people realize that doing tattoos is not necessary at all.

Colored tattoos, with the right choice of gamma, will create a bright image. But black is a traditional classic.

To develop a sketch, and perhaps more than one, will help in the salon professional tattoo artists. The choice will emphasize individuality based on the preferences, desires of the client.

Jellyfish tattoo size

It should be said that when you want a jellyfish to appear on the body, the tattoo can be almost any size, shape, style. It can easily be complemented by different decorative elements.

Only the owner of the future tattoo is determined by its size. The price, composition and placement also depend on this.

But if it is decided to make, for example, a “colorful canvas” on the entire back, it is required to stock up on will and patience.

Types of designs

Before the tattoo is transferred to the skin, it is important first to decide on the sketch. There are digital or hand-drawn, colored and black and white.

The choice is not limited to samples from the folder in the salon, popular and individual portfolios of the author. This approach allows you to “give yourself” a design, which others don’t have, a real exclusive.

If the client has formed a certain style, then you just need to find an expert who works in this or a similar direction.

Places to Apply

Choosing the “wrong” place for a tattoo can greatly distort the effect of perception. For example, a back tattoo done on the face is incorrect. As the face moves, the creases will distort the tattoo and it won’t please anyone around you.

When choosing an area, women lean toward a place that will accentuate sexuality:

  • behind the ear;
  • on the wrist;
  • on the finger;
  • at the ankle.

Men, on the other hand, are more open and don’t hide their tattoos. But still, hiding the tattoo under clothing is relevant for directors, workers in the office, etc. Often people just want to disguise the scar. Tattoos on the arms and shoulders are common. Tattoos are of medium size, the image can be smoothly continued on the forearm.

The full length of the hand looks beautifully colored tattoo. Fingers and the outer side of the palms are prone to tattoo stretching. This leads to a blurry tattoo. Often such a tattoo can be seen in the military, sailors (a kind of mark).

The place where you can “give free rein to your imagination” – the thigh. It is more suitable for the female half, emphasizes sexuality.