What does the medusa tattoo mean

medusa tattoo

From time immemorial, a tattoo was a sign of distinction or protection against evil spirits. Drawings were believed to act as a talisman. The ancients believed in the power of good luck amulets, created certain images on the body, which saved in war or in a dangerous journey. Of course, the meaning of the Medusa tattoo was very complex. After all, this creature lived in many seas and oceans. Read more

Look Fabulous In Any Situation

There are lots of diverse haircuts suitable for girls with round face shape which let them create the desired look making minimum effort. The same cut may look completely different depending on hair length and its type, that’s exactly why you have to take these aspects into account when searching for the best cut with face framing layers for round face. The right cut will make your face look thinner hiding its fullness as well as will make it possible for you to waste no time on styling your hair.


There are several recommendations which will help you select the cut right for your face shape:

  • Give preference to cuts which elongate the neck, such a way it’ll also make your face look narrower. Cascade cut will make it possible for you to reach the desired result as well as add volume to the hair roots.
  • Face framing layers will help you hide round cheeks and fullness, so consider doing such a cut if you have a round face shape.
  • Avoid doing too short one length cuts – they are just not suitable for your face shape and will make your face look bigger.
  • Don’t choose too voluminous cuts, since round face facial features usually look smaller, as well as avoid cutting thick straight bangs.
  • Give preference to layered cuts – this is the best option for girls with round faces.

The main thing you need to keep in mind when searching for the most suitable cut for round face shape is it has to emphasize all your good sides and hide your flaws, so consider doing layered haircut with framing layers – it will add volume and frame your face perfectly.


Face framing layers look really impressive on shoulder length and long hair, however it’s also possible to style such cut on short hair – it will help you hide round cheeks and make the face look narrower. Here are a few cuts which will make it possible for you to reach the desired result:

  1. Bob is an incredibly elegant and feminine cut which matches perfectly with face framing layers. Such cut is often chosen by ladies of all ages who don’t want to change their image completely, but are willing to look different and more stylish.
  2. Cascade is another cut which is suitable for girls with round face shape. Cascade will add volume to the hair roots as well as make thin hair look much thicker and healthier. The cut will make it possible for you to create an airy, eye-catching look and spend minimum time on styling your hair.

It’s not suggested for girls with round faces to give preference to one length cuts – they will not hide round cheeks, but make them look bigger as well as make facial features look smaller. It’s also worth avoiding doing straight part and cutting short straight bangs. Read more

How to Wear Dresses with Wedges: Your Personal Style Guidance

Can I wear wedges with a wrap dress? A halter dress? A bodycon dress? Or a shift dress? What should I style it with? Diamond earrings? A tote bag? Or maybe a clutch and a silk scarf?

Wedges have been out already for a while. They are hot, comfortable, and trendy. They are great for spring, summer, and fall. But even all of this doesn’t make them easier to style. A lot of women are afraid of wearing wedges because of how risky they are in terms of style. Women are confused on how to pick a pair of wedges for a certain dress without ruining the whole outfit. In fact, wedges can be styled in a million of different ways. And celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Jessica Alba are a proof for that.

So, let’s try to match a fancy dress and wedges like many celebrities do.

How to Style Dresses with Wedges

Despite the fact the most women consider stilettos to be the most feminine shoes ever, wedges can also look great and delicate, elongating the legs and making them even slimmer. You just have to find what suits you best as with any other pair of shoes.

So, how exactly can you style wedges if you prefer wearing them with dresses?

  • Bright summer cork wedges and a button-down midi dress. Don’t be afraid of bright shoes. Go for yellow or green cork wedges and complement them with a blue button-down summer dress and a white T-shirt underneath. Add a minimalist necklace and a pair of hoop earrings. And you’re ready to go.
  • Another great way to wear wedges is by complementing them with a dress and a blazer. Go for a bright red dress and a dusty pink oversize blazer. Finish the look by adding a pair of the ankle strap wedge sandals in mocha or caramel color shade. Wearing lots of block colors on the top is a huge trend now.
  • One more way of styling a pair of wedge sandals is by creating a very relaxed, casual look. Get a pair of classic black wedges. Complement them with a pink midi dress and a striped long sleeve top. One more detail is black tights. This look is great for early autumn days as it allows to stay warm even if it is raining outside. Add a chunky necklace if you want to.
  • For the next outfit, get a patterned white dress with a white belt. Finish the outfit by adding a pair of ankle strap wedge espadrilles in grey or cream shade. This outfit is inspired by Kate Middleton, who is one of those women who know how to style wedges to look chic and sophisticated. Don’t go for heavy jewelry. A pair of delicate earrings will perfectly suit the look.
  • And the last but not the least, go for a light floral off shoulder midi dress and a pair of beige or white lace-up espadrille wedge sandals.

Wedge sandals are one of those classic wardrobe pieces that will never really go out of style. So, having them in your wardrobe is definitely a good idea. Don’t doubt, find your own perfect pair of wedges and rock them with a dress during summer and fall.

Look Brilliant No Matter What

Maroon color is definitely one of the most impressive and noble ones. Dress of such a magnificent color will not leave anyone indifferent making you stand out from the crowd. Obviously, it’s essential to complete your outfit with the right makeup, paying great attention to your eyes.

What eye makeup for maroon dress will be suitable for every lady?

  • Black eyeshadow and eyeliner – this is a classic color which is able to make any look complete.
  • Brown eyeshadow – all the chocolate shades will match perfectly with maroon dress letting you create an eye-catching look.
  • Powder pink eyeshadow – this shade will make it possible for you to create a gentle, neutral look excellent for everyday life. You can add rose gold glitter in order to make your makeup even more stunning.

It’s worth mentioning the fact all the above mentioned shades are both suitable for blondes, redheads and brunettes. These colors will emphasize all the lady’s good sides and make their eyes color much deeper and saturated.


What makeup should you apply wearing maroon dress at work? It’s suggested to give preference to a simple, but at the same time striking eye makeup for maroon dress. Black eyeliner, dark grey eyeshadows, black mascara – these products will make it possible for you to look brilliant.

Eyeshadow has to match with your eye color. Ladies with brown eyes should give preference to dark brown matte eyeshadows, girls with blue eyes need to consider applying warm shades, green-eyed women have to choose purple shades, while ladies with grey eyes should give preference to smoky shades.


Cocktail maroon dress has to always be completed with the right accessories, hairdo and, obviously, makeup. Going to a party or any other event, give preference to vivid maroon dress which will make it possible for you to easily stand out from the crowd and create an unforgettable look. An extraordinary cut-out dress will match perfectly with bright eye makeup, while simple, modest dress will look appropriately with almost unnoticeable eye makeup, minimum mascara and vivid lipstick.

Give preference to natural makeup when searching for the most suitable eye makeup for maroon dress for everyday life. Nude option with neutral eyeshadow, minimum eyeliner and mascara will make it possible for you to not being worried of your makeup for the entire day. Nevertheless, don’t neglect applying blush and bronzer, such a way your face won’t look pale and flat. Read more

Creating A Magnificent Image

French manicure has gained in popularity with beauties from all across the world due to its simplicity and, at the same time, ability to make any look complete. Nevertheless, such kind of manicure is no longer the trendiest one – it has been replaced with a similar, but way more stylish French manicure with pink tips. Pink tips have replaced white ones making it possible for ladies to create a more fabulous look and always be in style.


There are lots of diverse pink shades, so you’ll be able to easily choose the one you like the most and enjoy your manicure for the weeks. Pink hue embodies love and happiness, so it will definitely delight an eye and make you feel comfortable wearing it. Such a gentle manicure emphasizes beauty of your hands making fingers look longer due to the brighter tips.

French manicure with pink tips matches almost every outfit. Pastel, light and almost unnoticeable pink shade is just perfect for wearing at work as well as is suitable for everyday life, while manicure with vibrant pink tips, glitter or any other nail art will make it possible for you to style it at any event and look just fantastic in any situation.


French manicure makes the nails look really well-groomed, so it’s not surprising most women give preference to such nail design. French manicure with pink tips will make it possible for you to easily create the desired look, so consider diverse variations of such nail design:

  1. Nail design with multicolored tips – you can apply any color you want to in order to make the tips more eye-catching and make your manicure extraordinary.
  2. Ombre manicure – this gentle and feminine variation is definitely worthy of your attention.
  3. Two-toned design is also one of the most widespread variations nowadays – you just have to select two similar hues and apply the darker shade on the tips.
  4. V-Shaped manicure – try such manicure in order to create a chic, fashionable look. Double French nail design – this type is liked by ladies throughout the globe due to its creativity and uniqueness.
  5. Reverse manicure – just switch sides and make your nails look even more unordinary applying the classic white shade at the bottom of your nail.
  6. Glitter nail design – this is one of the most striking and extraordinary ways to change the classic French nail design which will not leave you indifferent.

Pink shade matches perfectly with other colors letting you create any look you are willing to. It hides all the nails flaws making them look well-groomed and healthy. Read more

Select A New Tattoo With Ease

More and more girls from across the world get tattoos on diverse body parts for lots of different reasons – they are willing to create the desired image, get a piece of artwork on their body, save their memories, etc.

Tattoos are real art, so it’s not surprising millions of girls become interested in such extraordinary way to beautify their body. Girly skull tattoos with flowers are really trendy nowadays; such an impressive artwork can’t leave anyone indifferent gaining in popularity day by day.


Skull with snake, roses, crown, fire – these are only a few variations girls consider when willing to get a skull tattoo. Skull embodies fearlessness and power, so it’s often chosen by forceful, strong-minded, charismatic people who don’t care what others think. Getting a skull tattoo, girls interpret it differently – it may be an acceptance of their own mortality, rebellion, embodiment of the life after death, power, representation of good and evil, etc.

The place on the body you are willing to get tattooed also has its meaning. Such a way, a skull tattooed on forearm, one of the most popular places to get tattoo on, means that you are a strong and powerful person who’s not afraid of what other people may think. Skull on the back side of the neck means you’re not afraid to make brave choices, while a tattoo behind the ear represents freedom and openness.


Most girls usually give preference to girly skull tattoos with flowers when it comes to getting a new tattoo. Such artwork is not only really eye-catching and impressive, but also has a deep meaning and is usually made by people who are willing to express themselves. Skull with flowers is often tattooed on the back, chest, thigh or arms.

The meaning of skull tattoo is varied and depends of the flowers the girl chooses and overall composition. Here are some of the options to give preference to:

  • skull with flower crown usually means power, strength, beauty and wealth;
  • skull with roses – one of the most impressive and extraordinary artworks to get tattooed, such tattoo usually means the battle between good and evil as well as may also embody love;
  • skull with peonies is a really sticking choice which may embody the celebration of life, overcoming difficulties and a reminder to live the life to the fullest.

Such an impressive artwork will not only draw attention and beautify your body, but also show your personality and reveal your creative thinking. Read more