Maroon color is definitely one of the most impressive and noble ones. Dress of such a magnificent color will not leave anyone indifferent making you stand out from the crowd. Obviously, it’s essential to complete your outfit with the right makeup, paying great attention to your eyes.

What eye makeup for maroon dress will be suitable for every lady?

  • Black eyeshadow and eyeliner – this is a classic color which is able to make any look complete.
  • Brown eyeshadow – all the chocolate shades will match perfectly with maroon dress letting you create an eye-catching look.
  • Powder pink eyeshadow – this shade will make it possible for you to create a gentle, neutral look excellent for everyday life. You can add rose gold glitter in order to make your makeup even more stunning.

It’s worth mentioning the fact all the above mentioned shades are both suitable for blondes, redheads and brunettes. These colors will emphasize all the lady’s good sides and make their eyes color much deeper and saturated.

Maroon Dress At Work

What makeup should you apply wearing maroon dress at work? It’s suggested to give preference to a simple, but at the same time striking eye makeup for maroon dress. Black eyeliner, dark grey eyeshadows, black mascara – these products will make it possible for you to look brilliant.

Eyeshadow has to match with your eye color. Ladies with brown eyes should give preference to dark brown matte eyeshadows, girls with blue eyes need to consider applying warm shades, green-eyed women have to choose purple shades, while ladies with grey eyes should give preference to smoky shades.

Formal Events And Everyday Life

Cocktail maroon dress has to always be completed with the right accessories, hairdo and, obviously, makeup. Going to a party or any other event, give preference to vivid maroon dress which will make it possible for you to easily stand out from the crowd and create an unforgettable look. An extraordinary cut-out dress will match perfectly with bright eye makeup, while simple, modest dress will look appropriately with almost unnoticeable eye makeup, minimum mascara and vivid lipstick.

Give preference to natural makeup when searching for the most suitable eye makeup for maroon dress for everyday life. Nude option with neutral eyeshadow, minimum eyeliner and mascara will make it possible for you to not being worried of your makeup for the entire day. Nevertheless, don’t neglect applying blush and bronzer, such a way your face won’t look pale and flat.